Well Hello There!

So, I’m Brittney and this is my website. I have a passion for playing music, and I have played several instruments both in my high school band and my Royal Canadian Air Cadet band. I would love to play in a concert orchestra some day.

The Air Cadet program helped me realize that Marksmanship is a lot of fun. I have competed locally, Provincially, and Nationally. I have won some medals doing it, too.

I am currently finished high school, am the Chief Warrant Officer (WO1) in my Cadet unit, and am working on building my professional artist career.

BAD Art Selfie

About My Art

I enjoy drawing so many different things! I’ve done fan art for YouTubers and Twitch streamers; I draw comics about things I find amusing; I create original characters expressing a full range of facial expressions. I’ve done some logo work as well, and I am working on a Telegram sticker pack, too.

I’ve been developing my own style for a long time, working with pencil, then experimenting with pen/inking those drawings. Recently I started drawing on an iPad using Pro Create and I quite like it. Most of my work here was done this way.

I am happy to offer my style and skills professionally.

Please take a look at my portfolio before you leave, and if you’re looking for some snazzy toons, I’ll hook you up!