So, You Want Some Art, eh?

Good news! I know someone who can help you with that (we both know it’s me).

You’ve looked at what I have done and now you’re ready to get started. Excellent!
You’re going to be so happy with your personalized artwork!

Choose Your Drawing

Prints of My Work

If you find a piece that you really like, I would be happy to prepare a framed print for you. To get started, send me a message letting me know your selection.

Not sure what you might be interested in? My censored portrait of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a popular print request.

JBP Prints

  • Get this drawing as a poster, or on a Canvas Wrapped Frame.
  • Both censored & uncensored versions.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Ships from the USA.

JBP Shirts

  • Slap this drawing on a Tee!
  • Both censored & uncensored versions.
  • Multiple colour options.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Ships from Canada.

JBP Mugs

  • This mug is nuts! He’s censored on one side, and uncensored on the other!
  • Three size options.
  • Ships from Canada.

Print Add-Ons

If you would like to authenticate your print with a signature, please contact me directly, BEFORE ordering.

Are You a Creator?

Woah, you’ve come to the right place!
Imagine having amazing, customized Channel Art for any platform, and having a totally original profile pic. 

That’s what I’ll do for you. You’ll love it.

Profile Pic

Starting at


The Basic Profile Pic contains one head + face drawn to your specifications, in one of my styles.

Channel Art

Starting at


The Basic Channel Art is drawn to represent your theme.

Sized perfectly to fit your chosen platform (YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

Profile + Channel

Starting at


Get both the basic Profile Pic and Channel Art.

If you like, I will add your Profile Pic to your Channel Art.

Sized perfectly to fit your chosen platform (YouTube, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

Creator Add-Ons

Resize your Channel Art for any other platform: $15/platform*.

*Except YouTube TV size. Scroll to the bottom for specifications

Need a Portrait?

Do you want to know what you look like as a cartoon character?
Maybe you want to give that special someone a beautiful portrait to hang on the wall?

Your personalized artwork will be fully customized to your preferences, in my unique style.

Headshot Portrait

Starting at


The Basic Portrait is a headshot that includes the head and shoulders, on a solid filled background.

Each Additional Person: $35/ea.

Large Portrait

Starting at


Basic Large Portraits include the head and torso (to around the waist area), on a solid fill background.

Each Additional Person: $55/ea.

Full Body

Starting at


The Basic Full Body Portrait includes the head right down to the toes, on a solid fill background.

Each Additional Person: $85/ea.

Portrait Add-Ons

Add a simple element (e.g. geometric background, jewellery, or cartoon object) for $15.
Add a complex element (e.g. illustrated background, detailed/realistic object) for $45.



Profile banner1200 x 480 px
Video Player banner (Offline banner)1920 x 1080 px
Avatar1600 x 1600 px
Panel320 x 160 px
Video Thumbnail1280 x 720 px



TV Channel Art2560 x 1440 px
Desktop Channel Art2560 x 423 px
Safe Art Area1235 x 423 px
Thumbnail1280 x 720 px
Channel Icon800 x 800 px
Intro/Outro1920 x 1080 px
Display Ad300 x 250 px
Display Ad, Long300 x 60 px
Overlay Ad480 x 70 px



Page Cover820 x 312 px
Profile Image360 x 360 px
Group Cover1640 x 856 px
Event Cover1200 x 628 px
Story1080 x 1920 px
Post1200 x 1200 px
Ad Carousel1080 x 1080 px
Ad1200 x 628 px



Profile Photo360 x 360 px
Post1080 x 1080 px
Landscape Photo1080 X 566 px
Portrait Photo1080 x 1350 px
Story1080 x 1920 px
Ad / Carousel Ad1080 x 1080 px


Additional Specs

Colour: RGB or Black & White
File Types: JPG, PNG, PSD
Duration: It takes a long time, plan ahead.