Social Justice Project

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson himself tweeted about this piece, and later, his team posted it to his YouTube Community. Pretty exciting!


  • Early in the school year I had a one-on-one conversation with my teacher about my hopes and expectations for the course. I expected discussions and debates on meaningful topics. I said that JBP has some good ideas and asked if he knew about JBP. His response was, “Oh yeah that guy, lets avoid that guy he’s offensive and controversial, but maybe…
  • My teacher would show the class things he was interested in, and some students felt it clear that he had an obvious bias. In a class debate, where he was supposed to be the mediator, he clearly favoured one side and said so even before the debate began.
  • Later, I recommended this JBP video and it was rejected because, “we already discussed the problems with this individual.” Note that he did not even use JBP’s name. The video in question was chosen because “Free Speech & the Right to Offend” was a prime topic in the debate. I spoke to a few students, and they seemed to agree with my assessment of him. They weren’t offended (by JBP) and they believe that the teacher is not in touch with his students.
  • These class experiences caused me to believe that JBP was being censored in my class as a person, not only the topics or ideas he expresses.


  • The class was instructed to create a piece of art about a social justice issue, using any medium we choose.
  • He instructed us not to use the issue of racism.
  • After careful consideration, I decided on censorship. My full thoughts are outlined here in this PDF.


Want to Help Out?

Dr. Peterson’s tweet and YouTube post have drawn a crazy amount of attention to me and I am so thankful for that! It’s hard to keep up!

Many people have been asking for prints of the Censorship drawing, so we’ve made it so that you can order them in a few sizes.

There were a few requests for the drawing on other types of merch, so we made that available, too.

Someone even asked how they could donate to help me out with school! Can you imagine!? I’ve decided that I am willing to accept donations, but I am also going to donate 25% of all donations to the Air Cadet unit I’ve been a part of since I was 12! The cadet program has changed my life in so many positive ways, so I am happy to share with them.

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